Nexus 6P May Start Getting Android 8.0 On September 11

TheGoogle Nexus 6P will likely receive an update that will install Android 8.0 Oreo on September 11, according to the Canadian carrier Rogers. The carrier maintains a list on its official forums, wherein it details when updates to certain devices will arrive, and what features are incorporated into the software upgrades, and it was recently edited to include the Google Nexus 6P, and its upcoming Android Oreo update. Rogers, however, noted that the actual date of roll out may change, as it may have to test the new software due to the changes made to the radio firmware.

Android 8.0 Oreo is the latest version of Google’s operating system, and it contains many new features, and under-the-hood improvements. Autofill remembers the login information entered into each app, once the user enables the feature in the device settings. In addition, a Picture-in-Picture mode allows the user to view two apps simultaneously, with one app layered on top of a full-screen application. The upgraded version of the Android operating system also introduces notification dots, which can be tapped to show a set of quick actions, like quick reply, and share content. Under-the-hood improvements include much faster boot speeds, and improved smartphone security. The latter is achieved through the incorporation of Google Play Protect, and the additional restrictions that will prevent hostile downloads from installing malware.

It is advisable that the update is downloaded once the handset is connected to a Wi-Fi network, as the file will likely exceed 900MB in size. Moreover, device owners should ensure that there is sufficient free space in the internal flash storage, to temporarily store the software package, and they should also check if the handset has enough battery charge to last the entire installation process. To prevent any loss of important data, files and images stored in the device should be backed-up by the user, either to an external microSD card or to a PC. It may take several days before the roll out is completed, although people have the option to manually trigger the update process, by going to the “About Phone” section of the device settings, and then tapping the “Check for Updates” option.

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