Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Has Been Extended To 7 More Countries In Afrika

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Google’s Launchpad Accelerator
has been extended to seven more Afrikan countries. When the accelerator was launched in March 2017
it was only accepting Afrikan startups from Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Roy Glasberg, Global Lead, Launchpad Program & Accelerator at Google, has announced that startups from Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Uganda can now apply to the accelerator.

The Google Launchpad Accelerator programme is a six-month programme that provides participating startups with access to ” mentoring, support, and Google’s engineers and resources
“. The programme is also said to include a two-week all-expenses-paid training trip to Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. The previous cohort of startups from Afrika, accepted in May 2017, were Twiga Foods (Kenya), Flutterwave (Nigeria), Delivery Science (Nigeria), Gidimo (Nigeria), Paystack (Nigeria and JUMO (Mauritius).

Startups need to meet the following minimum criteria to be be eligible to apply to the programme:

  • Be a technological startup.
  • Be targeting their local markets.
  • Have proven product-market fit (beyond ideation stage).
  • Be based in the countries listed above.

The application process for the programme will end on 2 October 22017.


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