Unclear on the whole ‘ergonomics’ concept

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By Sharky , Computerworld | Sep 4, 2017 3:00 AM PT

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Unclear on the whole ‘ergonomics’ concept

Pilot fish is going through his morning run of help-desk tickets when he comes across one that says a dual-monitor setup has stopped working.

“Upon talking to Barney, who submitted the ticket, I learned that he — who is about five feet tall — was trying to raise the monitors for a newer employee, Fred, who’s over six feet tall. Fred was supposedly having back and neck pain due to the monitors being a little lower, but wouldn’t do anything about it himself.

“As Barney struggled to raise one monitor, the monitor became unplugged — and then the port was blocked because of our policy. That left Fred without a monitor until my boss could get in unblocked after he came in later in the day.

“While I was working with Barney, Fred showed up and began complaining that he needed two mice for his computer. He said that his arms and shoulder ache when he can only use one mouse, and he would be more productive with two mice. He seemed to believe he’d be able to move two mice at a time.

“I tried to explain to Fred that with only one PC he will not be able to use two mice. Then I noticed he had taken the arm rests off his chair.

“Some days you just can’t win…”

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