Evernote 6.12

移动互联 2017-09-04

Evernote has released version 6.12 of its eponymous information management app
with improvements to tables, enhanced multitasking, and a new image gallery. However, perusing the comments left on the release notes in the Evernote Mac forum
, you might want to hold off due to a number of reported crashes and sync problems. The main emphasis for version 6.12 is improving table functionality, including adding such capabilities as dragging and dropping entire rows and columns, adding rows and columns with a single click, adjusting the width of one column without affecting the width of the one next to it, and copying and pasting multiple cells. The release also introduces tabs to help keep content organized (select File > New Tab), and adds an image gallery that enables you to browse all images in a note. (Free from Evernote
or the Mac App Store
, 55.1 MB, 10.10+)


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