Ubuntu OpenStack Charms: 15.01 release

存储架构 2015-01-30

The Ubuntu Server team is pleased to announce their first interim release, 15.01, of charm features and fixes for the Ubuntu OpenStack charms for Juju
– here are some selected highlights:


General improvements have been made to the hacluster
charm that we use for clustering OpenStack services; specifically the way quorum is handled in pacemaker and corosync has been improved so that clusters should react more appropriately in situations where one or more units fail.

We’ve also introduced a unicast mode for corosync cluster communication – this is useful in environments where multicast UDP might be disabled; in testing this has also proven much more reliable if you are running services under LXC containers spread across physical servers, and is the recommended configuration for these types of deployment.


The ceph
, ceph-osd
, nova-compute
and quantum-gateway
charms have all gained a tuning configuration option which allows users to set sysctl options – we’ve provided some best practice defaults in the ceph charms, but this feature will allow expert users to tune Ubuntu away to their hearts content!

High Availability

The ceilometer
and ceph-radosgw
charms have grown HA support (using the hacluster charm) and the quantum-gateway charm now has a configuration option for Icehouse users to enable a legacy ha mode (again using the hacluster charm) to ensure that routers and networks are recovered onto active gateway nodes in the event that a unit fails.

We’ve also improved the nova-cloud-controller
charm so that guest console access can be used in HA deployments by providing a memcached back-end for token storage and sharing between units.

Nova Ceph Storage Support

The nova-compute charm has grown support for different storage back-ends; the first new back-end support is for Ceph, allowing users to use Ceph for default storage of instance root and ephemeral disks. You’ll want to be running some serious networking to use this feature – remember all those reads and writes will be going over the network!

And finally..

You can checkout the list of bugs closed
and read the full release notes
– which contain more detail on these new features!

Thanks go to all the charm contributors:

  • Edward Hope-Morley
  • Billy Olsen
  • Liang Chen
  • Jorge Niedbalski
  • Xiang Hui
  • Felipe Reyes
  • Yaguang Tang
  • Seyeong Kim
  • Jorge Castro
  • Corey Bryant
  • Tom Haddon
  • Brad Marshall
  • Liam Young
  • Ryan Beisner

awesome job guys!



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