1 Blogging List Building Meme that Needs to Go

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However badly you want to believe it, themoney is not in the list.

Many bloggers may tell you this. More bloggers will point to stats. Some may desperately point to their profits, begging or imploring you to build a list because without a list, this crowd believes you won’t make money.

But this is not true. Totally, 100%, not true at all.

I filmed an HD video explaining why this is one blogging meme that has gotta go if you want to build a successful blogging business.

The money is not in the email list.

The money flows to you through online channels. Said online channels where you have fun, help people, engage people and work persistently.

I sell eBook through guest posts, Facebook Live videos and Twitter. None of those channels are my email list of course. But many bloggers totally invalidate other channels *not* named “their email list” because they subscribe to the meme that they money is in the list.

This invalidation creates an even bigger attachment, forcing you to think from a place of lack and limitation.

I think abundantly. I connect with and help and engage human beings through these channels:

  • Blogging From Paradise
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Inbound
  • Growth Hackers
  • Quora
  • The Warrior Forum
  • Periscope
  • Instagram
  • Guest Posting
  • Blog Commenting
  • Email (Personalized emails plus my email list)

The money is not in one channel. Money and success and blog traffic flow to me through many channels, a few of which I probably forgot to add to the above bullet point list.

I help folks through a Facebook Live video, engaging my friends. I sell eBooks and audiobooks through that channel.

I help folks through Twitter, engaging my followers. I sign up consulting clients.

The medium doesn’t matter. My engagement and assistance and clarity around using any one medium matters.

Because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Build a Viral Online Presence

Instead of trying to squeeze everything through your email list try building a viral online presence.

Grow your list. Grow a large, targeted Twitter following by engaging folks through that platform. Ditto on Facebook. Ditto on Instagram. Spend only 5-10 minutes daily on each site, or spend 5-10 minutes daily on all sites save 1-2 where you spend 30 minutes daily engaging and helping folks.

Guest post. Comment thoughtfully on top blogs in your niche.

Money doesn’t care about where you help folks. Money will find you through any channel you are clear on, said channels being where you help and engage people.

I’ve sold my courses through Google Plus. I sell eBooks through guest posts. This is the benefit of building a viral online presence. When you appear to be everywhere, helping people, people become familiar with you, your blog and your brand. This is the tipping point. This is when money begins to flow to you through a wide range of channels. Not just through your emails.

Let go the meme. Stop invalidating streams or channels other than your email list. Profit online by thinking and acting abundantly.

Should You Build an Email List?

Yes! Build an email list to connect with your readers. Email lists are traffic on demand and profits on demand. Convenience City.

Just don’t attach heavily to this single online channel when a rich array of online streams can help you build a viral online presence .

It is far better to help people through a wide range of channels versus allowing fear and closed-mindedness to goad you into helping people through a single channel.

Be abundant.

Let go this meme that is murderous to your blogging success.

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