Google被指控违反隐私法 伊利诺伊州居民可瓜分1亿美元和解金

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在 Google 被指控违反美国伊利诺伊州隐私法之后,当地居民现在有资格瓜分 1 亿美元的集体诉讼和解金。这家科技巨头被指控其 Google Photos 应用的面部重组工具违反了该州的《生物特征信息隐私法》。

Google被指控违反隐私法 伊利诺伊州居民可瓜分1亿美元和解金

Google使用该工具按相似度对照片中发现的人脸进行分类。然而,根据诉讼,该公司在使用该技术之前并未获得数百万用户的同意。因此,在 2015 年 5 月 1 日至 2022 年 4 月 25 日期间出现在应用程序照片中的伊利诺伊州居民可能有资格获得付款。

目前尚不清楚,具体到个人会有多少的和解金。不过,Facebook 类似的案件中让 160 万人每人获得了 200-400 美元的补偿。付款金额将取决于索赔的数量和有效性。预计付款将在和解获得批准后 90 天发出。批准听证会定于 9 月 28 日举行。

在上个月提起的集体诉讼中,Snapchat 还被指控违反了伊利诺伊州的隐私法。目前尚不清楚案件何时(或是否)会向前推进并可能导致和解。

Google uses this tool to classify faces found in photos by similarity. However, according to the lawsuit, the company did not obtain the consent of millions of users before using the technology. As a result, Illinois residents who appear in app photos between May 1, 2015 and April 25, 2022 may be eligible for payment.

It is not clear how much settlement the individual will have. In similar Facebook cases, however, 1.6 million people received compensation of $200 to $400 each. The amount of payment will depend on the number and validity of the claim. Payment is expected to be made 90 days after the settlement is approved. The approval hearing is scheduled for September 28.

Snapchat was also accused of violating Illinois privacy laws in a class action filed last month. It is not clear when (or whether) the case will move forward and may lead to reconciliation.

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