25th Airhacks Q&A: EJB future, Java EE 8, Async JAX-RS, Angular2, JMX, Batch and PHP

综合编程 2016-04-11

2 years of airhacks.tv
. This Monday, 15.4, at 6 pm CET I will discuss the following topics

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  1. Java EE 8 news
  2. EJB vs CDI. Or what is the future?
  3. BCE component visibility
  4. When to use @Suspended
    and ExecutorService
  5. How to implement a long running task?
  6. JavaScript: ES2015, ES2016 or TypeScript. Angular or Angular2? Or how to start a Webproject.
  7. Transactions and consistency in Java EE Microservices
  8. Is JMX still useful?
  9. Service call concurrency and parallelization
  10. Partial responses with JAX-RS.
  11. Entities: rich or anemic?
  12. EntityListener problem in WildFly
  13. Staging the WARs
  14. CorrelationIds in JAX-RS
  15. Are EARs still available?
  16. MVC: is it too late in Java EE 8?
  17. DI in subresources
  18. Batch checkpoints and persistence
  19. What is the benefit of a thread pool?
  20. PHP to Java EE migration
  21. Sample Java EE projects.
  22. Java EE and SAML
  23. Are microservices only interesting for refactoring?
  24. Meta questions

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Adam Bien

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