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综合编程 2015-09-30

We strive to make Haskell for Mac the best learning environment for the Haskell programming language. It is not only easy to get started with Haskell for Mac, butHaskell playgrounds provide immediate and seamless feedback, which accelerates learning.

Nevertheless, we have been missing a crucial ingredient: a tailor-made tutorial aimed at Haskell for Mac that serves as a step-by-step guide introducing Haskell without assuming any previous knowledge of functional programming. We start to address this shortcoming today by introducing the first two chapters of Learning Haskell .

Learning Haskell is being produced by Gabriele Keller and yours truly. We have taught Haskell to literally thousands of university students. It distills our combined experience and presents it in a novel format combining text and screencasts. Over the years, we repeatedly received feedback from students indicating that live coding is an invaluable teaching tool. As screencasts by themselves are inconvenient to search and browse, we integrate screencasts with text to combine the experience of live coding with the convenience of text-based learning resources.

The two chapters being released today are the beginning, introducing fundamental concepts of Haskell. We will release additional chapters covering basic and advanced topics as they become available.

Learning Haskell is a free resource that is also useful without Haskell for Mac — we show an alternative set up in the first chapter. However, we believe Haskell for Mac and Learning Haskell are best enjoyed together.

Please send us any comments or suggestions that you may have. You can reach us at support@haskellformac.com or, on Twitter, @HaskellForMac .


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