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This translation tool is called & quot;Firefox Translation & quot;, can be added here as an extension to Firefox browsers:


When translating a language for the first time, it needs to download some supporting resources, and if necessary, it may download an improved language model, but the actual translation is ultimately done by a computer, not in a data center hundreds of miles away. On the one hand, it does not support many languages at present.

This is important, not because many people need to translate in browsers when they are offline– like the screen door of a submarine, this is not a really meaningful use case– but because the goal is to reduce the ultimate reliance on cloud providers with ulterior motives to accomplish tasks that no longer need their resources.

This translation tool is actually the result of the EU-funded Bergamot project, and Mozilla has developed a set of machine learning tools in cooperation with several universities to make offline translation possible. Typically, this work is done by the GPU cluster in the data center, where large language models (gigabytes in size and billions of parameters) are deployed to translate users’ queries.

But while Google and Microsoft (not to mention other new competitors) cloud-based tools are beginning to perform more accurately and quickly (because of their near-unlimited computing power), there are basic privacy and security risks when the data to be translated is sent to third parties for analysis and return. For some, the risk is acceptable, while others want to leave these Internet giants out of need. For example, if Google translates the menu of a snack bar, will it start to become a target for sausage promotion? More importantly, will law enforcement knock on the door if someone uses a known device ID and location to translate immigration or medical documents? For anyone worried about the privacy of using cloud provider translations, it makes sense to do all the offline work in any case.

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