Mass Effect: Andromeda ends single-player support, no future patches coming

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It looks like the troubled life of
Mass Effect: Andromeda

is over only five months after release — for fans of the sci-fi RPG’s single-player mode, at least. EA and developer BioWare have announced that there will be no additional support for single-player going forward, meaning no story-based DLC or feature updates, and that the 1.10 update released in late July would be the last patch.

“There are no planned future patches for single-player or in-game story content,” the statement from BioWare
reads. Fortunately for players, the developer goes on to explain that they will devote their efforts to continued support for Andromeda
‘s multiplayer modes, including “story-based APEX missions.” Fans of the series will also be able to experience stories told through upcoming comics and novels.

This news surely comes as a disappointment to long-time fans of the Mass Effect
series, especially since the original trilogy was supported long after each release with story-focused single-player DLC. There were reports back in early July of DLC getting cancelled
, but this turned out to be not true, with BioWare confirming that there were no plans to make single-player DLC.

Unfortunately it seems this all the result of Andromeda
‘s poor critical and commercial reception
following its debut, with EA having already decided that it would be putting the Mass Effect
series on indefinite hold going forward. BioWare’s announcement concludes that the weeks to come will see updates on their plans for multiplayer content, including new missions, character kits, and what’s planned for November 7th, the series’ unofficial holiday.


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