Some Recommended Reading for Investors

创业投资 2017-04-25

There’s a lot of advice out there for new (and experienced) investors, and it can be hard to sift through it all to find the best stuff. So when I find something particularly helpful, I like to pass it along.

Paige Craig
, a founder and managing partner of Arena Ventures
, has some excellent blog posts in which he shares his own experiences in a really honest and transparent way. His stories and advice have some incredibly useful insights for both investors and entrepreneurs.

Paige is also an experienced angel investor who has invested in over 110 startups, including AngelList, Twitter, Wish and Zenpayroll.

These two posts from Paige are both fantastic. Thanks, Paige!

Airbnb, My $1 Billion Lesson

The 4 Ways Investors Find Great Startups

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