Samsung will offer big freebies to sell the Note 8 before the iPhone 8 launch

手机数码 2017-08-19

Samsung’s in a precarious position. It needs the Galaxy Note 8 to be a success, given the way the Note 7 debacle went. But it’s launching just weeks before Apple is slated to unveil the iPhone 8, a supposedly massive upgrade that people have been waiting years for.

Even if Samsung comes out with a great phone, competing with the Apple fanboy equivalent of Steve Jobs’ second child is going to be tough. So Samsung is apaprently going to go all-in to persuade people to pull the trigger on the Note 8 before they even get a chance to set eyes on the iPhone 8.

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Famous mobile leaker Evan Blass has revealed that Samsung is going to offer some serious freebies to people who preorder the Note 8. According to him, pre-orders will start on August 24th, and will include freebies for anyone who places a pre-order. You get a 256GB microSD card, plus your choice of “convertible wireless charger” or a 360-degree camera.

Note8 pre-orders from Samsung (starting 8/24) come with a 256GB microSD card plus choice of convertible wireless charger or 360 cam.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) August 18, 2017

Taken at market price, those are worth a lot. Samsung’s 256GB microSD card runs $150 on Amazon
, and the Gear 360 camera is $180
. Apple, by comparison, will charge you extra if you dare ask for a cable to charge your iPhone 8 from your brand-new MacBook Pro.

Offering extra accessories for pre-orders isn’t an unusual move for a company, especially when you’re talking about a phone that’s expected to start at over $800. But this is an unusually good haul from Samsung, and it goes to show that it wants to make the most of the two weeks it’ll have before iPhone 8 preorders likely open.


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