snitch – Information Gathering Tool Via Dorks

Snitch is an information gathering tool which automates the process for a specified domain. Using built-in dork categories, this tool helps gather specified information domains which can be found using web search engines. It can be quite useful in early phases of penetration tests (commonly called the Information Gathering phase).

snitch can identify general information, potentially sensitive extensions, documents & messages, files and directories and web applications.

There are other tools which perform similar functions or parts of what snitch does:

DMitry – Deepmagic Information Gathering Tool

– wig – CMS Identification & Information Gathering Tool

theHarvester – Gather E-mail Accounts, Subdomains, Hosts, Employee Names


devil@hell:~/snitch$ python
                _ __       __  
    _________  (_) /______/ /_ 
   / ___/ __ / / __/ ___/ __  
 (__  ) / / / / /_/ /__/ / / /
 /____/_/ /_/_/__/___/_/ /_/ ~0.3   
Usage: [options]
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -U [url], --url=[url]
                        domain(s) or domain extension(s) separated by comma*
  -D [type], --dork=[type]
                        dork type(s) separated by comma*
  -C [dork], --custom=[dork]
                        custom dork*
  -O [file], --output=[file]
                        output file
  -S [ip:port], --socks=[ip:port]
                        socks5 proxy
  -I [seconds], --interval=[seconds]
                        interval between requests, 2s by default
  -P [pages], --pages=[pages]
                        pages to retrieve, 10 by default
  -v                    turn on verbosity
 Dork types:
  info   Information leak & Potential web bugs
  ext    Sensitive extensions
  docs   Documents & Messages
  files  Files & Directories
  soft   Web software
  all    All

You can download snitch here:

Or you can read more here .

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