Highlights of Buckaroo 1.3

Buckaroo 1.3 has been released ! Here’s a break-down of what we’ve been up to…

Simplified Installation for Debian :penguin:

We now use Packr to build a self-contained app that does not depend on your a system installation of Java . Furthermore, we now host Debian packages for Buckaroo and Buck for a simpler installation process.

GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket Integration :octopus::cat2:

We strongly believe in decentralisation and want to encourage open-source, so now you can install packages directly from GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket. All you have to do is specify the package source when you install. For example:

buckaroo install github+loopperfect/neither

We connect via SSH, so private repositories are supported too!

Support for 4 Digit Version Numbers :four_leaf_clover:

Some libraries, such as GLM , have a 4th digit in their version number. Whilst this isn’t strictly a semantic version , it is easy to extend the semantic versioning scheme to support them. We think this is a pragmatic solution, so we have added it to Buckaroo.

Ready to Quickstart? :runner:‍♀️

Head over to the docs to get started.

Why Buckaroo? ��

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