Zotero 5.0.11 发布,参考文献管理软件

Zotero 5.0.11 发布,Zotero是一个参考文献管理软件,也是一个免费Firefox和Google 浏览器扩展。Zotero 可以协助我们收集、管理及引用研究资源,包括期刊、书籍等各类文献和网页、图片等。


Functionality changed or added

  • Download missing attachments as needed even in “at sync time” file sync mode

  • Show files remaining to download in sync button tooltip

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed first-run error with some upgrades

  • Fixed cases of files not being downloaded after interrupted syncs until files were changed remotely

  • Fixed handling of an error during Retrieve Metadata for PDF

  • [Mac] Fixed “Open in Library” from Quick Format popup if main window is closed

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