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[其他] The Top 15 Companies of the Year

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The Top 15 Companies of the Year-1 (additional,networking,companies,recently,invested)

  A cut above
   The competition for Inc. magazine's  2016 Company of the Year was intense. But, as the title indicates, there can be only one. Here are 14 companies that went up against this year's winner: Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill'sRiot Games.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Companies
  1. Snapchat
   What began as a "peek-a-boo" messaging class project transformed into a hub for news, social networking, and entertainment. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy'spopular app is now valued at $25 million, as it preps for an IPO in 2017.
  IMAGE: Forbes Media LLC/Corbis via Getty Images
  2. BuzzFeed
   Founded by Jonah Peretti, thenew-media giant recently formed separate news and entertainment divisions, which has helped the company dominate video on social media. NBC Universal recently invested an additional $200 million in the startup.
  IMAGE: Francesco Guidicini/The Sunday Times/News Syndication/Redux
  3. Uber
   The $66 billion startup may have exited China, but that's not hindering growth. Founder Travis Kalanick has much bigger ambitions and is growing the company's food delivery and self-driving-car efforts.
  IMAGE: Simone Perolari/LUZ/Redux
  4. Sweetgreen
   Founded by Georgetown University classmates Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet,Sweetgreen has raised $95 million from investors like restaurateur Danny Meyer. Not yet profitable, the chain has 64 restaurants, with 25 opening in 2016.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Sweetgreen
  5. Wanderu
   Co-founders Polina Raygorodskaya and Igor Bratnikov are out tomodernize bus travel. With about 2.5 million users per month, the site is planning European expansion too. Investors include former Greyhound CEO Craig Lentzsch and Shark Tank judgeBarbara Corcoran.
  IMAGE: Julia Levine
  6. Casper
   Luke Sherwin, Gabe Flateman, and Neil Parikh are three of Casper's five co-founders. Themattress brand is on track to double its 2015 revenue of $100 millionin 2016. It began selling dog beds and inked a partnership with West Elm this year.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Company
  7. Dollar Shave Club
   Unilever paid $1 billion for Michael Dubin's five-year-old razor subscription company. The entrepreneur says it's business as usual atDollar Shave, despite its new owner. It expanded into skin care in 2016 and now offers an online content hub for men.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Company
  8. Moon Express
   Space travel is a crowded market these days, butMoon Express founder and CEO Naveen Jain (far left, with lunar astronaut Buzz Aldrin) has a definite edge: In July, his company became the first to receive permission from the U.S. government to travel to the moon.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Moon Express
  9. Harry's
   Yes, there are twoshaving companies on this year's list, but co-founders Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield have steeredHarry'sin a very different direction. A couple of months into a Target partnership, Harry's accounts for half the retailer's razor sales.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Company
  10. Tesla/SpaceX
   FounderElon Musk has attempted to silence critics with new master plans, including a vow to develop the world's most powerful reusable rocket. Tesla recently reported its second profitable quarter, a surprise to many analysts.
  IMAGE: Getty Images
  11. Niantic Labs
   One of this year's biggest crazes,Pokémon Go boosted founder John Hanke's gaming company to a valuation of $3.65 billion. Niantic Labs hopes to ride that success with new corporate partnerships for its most popular game.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Niantic Labs
  12. Pivotal
   CEO and founder Rob Mee has had a long road to success; he launched the company in 1989.Pivotal now employs more than 2,000 people in nearly 20 offices around the world, and in 2015, it generated $267 million in revenue.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Pivotal Labs
  13. Cylance
   Co-founder Stuart McClure has a different take oncybersecurity. Rather than react to hacks, his company moves to prevent them. Investors noticed--flooding Cylance with $177 million and propping up the company's valuation of $1.1 billion.  
  IMAGE: Ethan Pines via Getty Images
  14. Vox Media
   CEO Jim Bankoff has grown a series of sports blogs into one of the largest new-media organizations around. In 2016,Vox tackled video in a big way. It now boasts 1.1 billion "watch time" minutes on YouTube, a figure that more than doubled last year's total.
  IMAGE: Getty Images
  15. And the winner is ... Riot Games
   The company behind the hit video gameLeague of Legends was founded by Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck. Owned by Chinese internet giant Tencent, the still-independently run Riot Games books $1.6 billion in sales.
  IMAGE: Courtesy Company

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