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[其他] TestCafe - a new open-source browser testing framework based on node.js

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Easy Install      Everything is included in a single module installed with one command.
      npm install -g testcafe
      No native parts to compile, no browsers plugins to install.
            Complete Test Harness      TestCafe automatically starts browsers, runs tests and gathers results. You only type a single command to begin testing.
      testcafe chrome,firefox tests/
      When testing is finished, TestCafe aggregates test results from different browsers and outputs them into one comprehensive report.
            Write Test Code Using ES2016          You can write TestCafe tests in ES2016 using the latest JavaScript features like        async/await.      
      Test API consists of over two dozen methods that can emulate all actions one could possibly do with a webpage. Chained syntax allows for code that is easy to write and read.      
  1. import { expect } from 'chai';
  2. fixture `Example page`
  3.     .page('');
  4. test('Emulate user actions and perform a verification', async t => {
  5.     await t
  6.         .click('#send-button')
  7.         .typeText('#input', 'Peter Parker')
  8.         .wait(1000);
  9.     expect(await t.eval(() => getSomethingOnTheClient()));
  10. });
     Additionally, TestCafe automatically generates source maps for easy debugging. To debug your test code, start a debugging session in an IDE that supports source maps.
            Direct Access to Page Elements          TestCafe allows you to access webpage elements using standard CSS selectors orcustom selectors that run client JavaScript code. You can call a custom selector as a regular function within your test. It will execute your code on the client and pass the returned value back to the test. This allows you to determine the state of each element on the tested page or select a proper element to perform an action on.      
  1. import { Selector } from 'testcafe';
  2. const getElementById = Selector(id => document.querySelector(`#${id}`));
  3. fixture `Example page`
  4.     .page('');
  5. test('Type the developer name, obtain the header text and check it', async t => {
  6.     await t
  7.         .typeText('#developer-name', 'John Smith')
  8.         .click('#submit-button');
  9.     const articleHeader = await getElementById('article-header');
  10.     const headerText = articleHeader.innerText;
  11.     expect(headerText).to.equal('Thank you, John!');
  12. });
           No Extra Coding          Write tests without boilerplate code.
  • TestCafe automatically waits for page loads and XHRs to complete, as well as for DOM elements to become visible. You do not need to write custom code for that.        
  • Test runs are isolated, which means that they do not share cookies, local or session storages. There is nothing to clean up between test runs.      
            Descriptive Reports      TestCafe automatically generates full-detailed reports that provide a test run summary and comprehensive information about errors. Automatic page screenshots, fancy call sites and call stacks free of TestCafe internals allow you to easily detect error causes.
      Use one ofbuilt-in reporters to output test results orcreate your own one to produce custom reports.      
            Straightforward Continuous Integration    TestCafe is easy to set up on popular Continuous Integration platforms as it allows you to test against various browsers: local, remote or cloud (e.g.      Sauce Labs). You can also create a custombrowser provider to add support for a browser or a cloud platform of your choice.   
        More to Come…    We plan to introduce other outstanding features so that you can test apps with even more efficiency. Meanwhile, you can help us improve TestCafe by voting for features on our road map or sharing your own ideas and code in our      GitHub repository.   
        Get Started

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