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[其他] Visual Studio Code 1.6

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Visual Studio Code 1.6-1 (highlights,available,download,relative,possible)

  Improvements in Issue Reporting

   Related to this, we often investigate issues that are caused by an installed extension. To help us with these investigations, we have enriched the Help > Report Issues action to seed the issue description with the list of installed extensions.
  Please use this action when reporting issues so we have more information to help track down the problem and ultimately resolve the issue for you quicker.
  macOS Sierra support

   Apple recently released the final version of macOS Sierra and with the Electron update, we were able to fix some issues we had seen (fonts and icons did not look sharp on a Retina display). However, some users are seeing bad background artifacts in the editor the underlying issue is Chrome related and it seems to happen when you are using a custom color profile. There is a workaround, you can run VS Code with forced GPU rasterization to mitigate this issue:
        "recommendations": [
}1[/code]  New Commands

              Key     Command     Command id                   Search                         ⌥↓ (Windows, Linux Alt+Down )       Next Search Term      find.history.showNext                ⌥↑ (Windows, Linux Alt+Up )       Previous Search Term      find.history.showPrevious                ⌥⌘C (Windows, Linux Alt+C )       Toggle Case Senstive      toggleSearchCaseSensitive                ⌥⌘R (Windows, Linux Alt+R )       Toggle Regex      toggleSearchRegex                ⌥⌘W (Windows, Linux Alt+W )       Toggle Whole Word      toggleSearchWholeWord              Integrated Terminal                         PageUp (Windows, Linux Shift+PageUp )       Scroll Up      workbench.action.terminal.scrollUpPage                PageDown (Windows, Linux Shift+PageDown )       Scroll Down      workbench.action.terminal.scrollDownPage              Clear Terminal      workbench.action.terminal.clear              Extensions                       Update All Extensions      workbench.extensions.action.updateAllExtensions              Open Extensions Folder      workbench.extensions.action.openExtensionsFolder              Navigation                       Focus Active Editor Group      workbench.action.focusActiveEditorGroup              Switch Window (Instance)      workbench.action.switchWindow              Help                       Show Release Notes      update.showCurrentReleaseNotes              Report Issues      workbench.action.reportIssues            Notable Changes

  • 241 : Windows: Jump list misses files and folders in the recent category when opened   
  • 7470 : Save file even w/o file changes - so that Nodemon, Gulp, Chokidar and other file watchers restart   
  • 7817 : Integrated terminal scrolling not working in oh-my-zsh   
  • 7951 : Images do not show updated when changed on disk   
  • 8819 : Allow to Ctrl+click in File > Open Recent to open in new window   
  • 9354 : Ability to remove file permanently (bypass trash)   
  • 9448 : Lower case drive letter in Open New Command Prompt command on Windows   
  • 11049 : Text cursor stops blinking in integrated terminal if you run external command   
  • 11129 : Hovering cursor over integrated terminal on Mac shows a low-contrast cursor   
  • 11244 : Scroll is gone after exiting vi in integrated terminal   
  • 11275 : Terminal.dispose should not show the panel if it is hidden   
  • 11318 & 8365 : Search and Problems views are now consistent with others in highlighting lines.   
  • 11727 : Goto declaration should store current cursor in navigation history   
  • 11976 : MarkerService and ProblemsView do not scale well and block UI thread   
  • 12574 : Terminal scroll bar appears on top after hiding and displaying it  
   These are the closed bugs and these are the closed feature requests for the 1.6 update.
  Contributions to Extensions

  Our team maintains or contributes to a number of VS Code extensions. Most notably:
  • Go   
  • Python   
  • TSLint   
  • ESLint   
  • Debugger for Chrome   
  • VSCodeVim  
  Thank You

   Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You! to the following folks that helped to make VS Code even better:
  • Fred Bricon (@fbricon) : Fix typos in log messages PR vscode-languageserver-node#92   
  • Henning Dieterichs (@hediet) : Non-normative inconsistencies PR language-server-protocol#68   
  • Luke Persola (@Persola) : Correct grammar/rephrase README PR language-server-protocol#56   
  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak (@alfanick) : Relative Line Number support PR #12055   
  • Artem Govorov (@ArtemGovorov) : Clear buffered output on output clear event PR #12057   
  • Logan Fleur (@effleurager) : Fixed typo in git action error PR #12419   
  • Jun Han (@formulahendry) : Fixes #9482: AutoClosePair between tags PR #9535   
  • Kei Son (@heycalmdown)
    • fix minor typo PR #11492     
    • Added new command to switch between workspaces PR #11630   
  • Yuki Ueda (@Ikuyadeu) : Remove workerMainCompatibility.html #11306 PR #11369   
  • @marktrz
    • Implements whitespace rendering for "boundary" and "all" modes. PR #11122     
    • Implements system variable "workspaceRootFolderName". PR #11128   
  • Sam El-Husseini (@microsoftsam) : Using Cmd+Scroll to zoom on a mac PR #12477   
  • Denis Malinochkin (@mrmlnc) : Display language identifier in Language Mode drop down PR #12031   
  • Dmitry Nikitenko (@nDmitry) and @FichteFoll : Redone YAML grammar PR #11666   
  • Nic Holthaus (@nholthaus) : Add konsole as default terminal for KDE-plasma PR #11452   
  • Paul Oppenheim (@pauloppenheim) : vscode-linux-*-build-deb - expected permission bits PR #11558   
  • @Romanito : Enable "Open with Code" on drive roots in Windows Explorer PR #11870   
  • @sprinkle131313 : Fixes debugger config launch for Linux and OSX. PR #11092   
  • @ted-piotrowski : Fix gulp methods for targeting arm systems PR #12486   
  • Vincenzo Chianese (@XVincentX)
    • Provide a changelog tab when this file is bundled in the package PR #12035     
    • Take changelog from remote if provided PR #12455   
  • Eklavya @eklavyamirani Markdown syntax highlighting to support alternative header styles PR #11066  


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