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[其他] Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing

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Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing

Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing-1-营销策划-experience,interview,marketers,different,marketing

  Applying for a new job isn’t too different than today’s world of online dating. You do a little research to see if you like them and then once you hit submit, you wait anxiously to see if they like you back.
  When you receive that email or phone call that they’d like to interview you, the nerves really start to set in. You change your outfit no less than five times and realize that you’re more nervous than any other first “date” you’ve ever been on.
  Navigating the world of digital marketing and finding the right career path is not always an easy task. There are many bright and talented marketers out there, and a seemingly endless list of agencies that at least claim to have digital marketing expertise. And weeding your way through the duds to find those that will truly create a great experience, and a lasting connection takes work.
  Below are a few short stories of four TopRank Marketing employees (including myself) that swiped right on our agency and haven’t looked back since.
   What Do You Continue to Choose TopRank Marketing?


Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing

Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing-2-营销策划-experience,interview,marketers,different,marketing

       Jolina Pettice
    Title: Vice President     I actually get this question a lot when I’m interviewing candidates for TopRank Marketing. The answer has evolved over the years to be honest, but let’s go way back.
  My first goal – when interviewing at various agencies around the Twin Cities – was to put my degree to work.
  My second goal – I didn’t want to be bored. I remember telling Susan Misukanis (President of TopRank Marketing) in my interview that while I’m a fiercely loyal person, if I find myself looking at the clock during the day, longing for the day to be over, I’ll know this job isn’t for me. I had worked more than one job at a time for most of my years in college, so I knew all about having a job that was nothing more than a paycheck… and slowly watching the second hand slow tick down to punch out time.
  It’s been 10+ years. I’ve not once looked at that clock and longed for quitting time. I love my job. I love the challenge. I love our clients. I love our team.

Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing

Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing-3-营销策划-experience,interview,marketers,different,marketing

       Joshua Nite
    Title: Content Marketing Lead    I feel my greatest success thus far has been moving from a copywriter to a marketer. I came in with writing skills and not much else, but thanks to the nurturing and supportive environment here, I was able to begin an ongoing education. I have learned more in the past 18 months than I did in the previous decade.
  There are accomplishments here I’m proud of: Writing blog posts that get thousands of views and shares, hearing marketers I respect tell me they’re fans of my work. But what I’m proudest of is how much I’ve developed as a marketer, and that’s entirely due to TopRank Marketing’s incredibly smart team and willingness to educate.

Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing

Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing-4-营销策划-experience,interview,marketers,different,marketing

       Leila De la Fuente
    Title: Account Manager    I was interested in working for TopRank Marketing because I saw an opportunity to dig my hands into complex marketing programs. The experience that I’ve gained here is invaluable and have learned how important a strategic and results focused approach is for developing a successful client program.  
  One of the most important things I’ve learned is the importance of digital marketing integration. For example, when you pair content and SEO together from the very beginning as part of an integrated approach, the results can be incredibly powerful.

Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing

Why These Digital Marketers Swiped Right on TopRank Marketing-5-营销策划-experience,interview,marketers,different,marketing

       Ashley Zeckman (That’s Me!)
    Title: Director of Agency Marketing    When I first started at TopRank Marketing I was one of those people that thought I knew everything. I was never afraid to share my opinions or be the one piping up the most in a meeting. In working at TopRank Marketing, I quickly found that there was so much that I didn’t know (and still don’t!).
  Working here has taught me that digital marketing requires an ongoing desire to learn, share, collaborate and reach for greatness. I’ve also been very appreciative that I get to work in an environment where failure is encouraged, as long as you’re able to adapt and evolve your approach based on what you learned.
  I feel honored that I am able to work in a place surrounded by smart marketers that all bring something special to the table.
   What Makes A Good TopRank Marketing Team Member?

  Finding the right employee and agency match requires much more than a surface level assessment. We understand that not everyone is a fit for us, and we’re not a fit for everyone. At our core, we are working to add even more people to our team that are passionate about what they do, and want to work with a diverse team of professionals.
  The tagline below the logo on our website reads “Smart, Creative, Focused on Results.” That mantra is a big part of how we approach business for our agency , recruiting new talent and working with our clients.
  We work with everything from mid-size to enterprise organizations that are looking for a true agency partner. And we want employees that are invested in helping to build that relationship and deliver results, no matter what their role.
   6 Fun Facts About TopRank Marketing

  • Our agency (and our CEO) are consistently named as top influencers in  digital marketing  ,  content marketing  ,  social media  and more by companies like Onalytica.   
  • Earlier this year, we moved into a new, custom built office that was made just for our team in Minneapolis.   
  • In 2016, we were named one of the Top 100 Places to Work by Minnesota Business.   
  • Many team members have the opportunity to travel around the nation to attend educational conferences and meet other smart marketers.   
  • We set aside time monthly to educate, learn and grow together as a team.   
  • Our conference and huddle rooms are named after superhero lairs (and are decorated to match).   
  • We do in-fact have a hamburger chair in our office based on an employee request (you can see it on our  instagram page  ).  
    If you want to join our team of digital marketing professionals that are smart, creative and focused on results, check out our current openings on our agency    careers page    .

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