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[移动互联] 来自苹果官方的建议→这么设置App元数据最有效!

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而在邮件的【Shorter App Names】部分,苹果除解释了缩短标题的原因之外,还向开发者推荐了创建更有效的应用名称、图标、关键词、截图和描述等元数据的方式。
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(横线部分英文翻译:欲了解更多关于如何设置有效的应用名称、图标、关键词、截图和描述的信息,可阅读 【App Store Product Page】。)



Every element of your App Store product page has the power to drive downloads of your app. Creating a great app is just the beginning — now it’s time to help users find and engage with your app through thoughtfully crafted app metadata.

App Store产品页的每个元素都可以驱动App下载量的增加。创建一款伟大的App其实仅仅是一个开端——是时候通过精心制作的应用程序元数据来帮助用户发现和使用你的App了。

App Name(应用名称)

Your app’s name plays a critical role in how users discover it on the App Store. Choose a simple, memorable name that is easy to spell and hints at what your app does. Be distinctive — avoid names that use generic terms or are substantially similar to existing app names.

在用户如何于App Store中发现应用方面,应用名称扮演着非常关键的角色。请选择一个简单、令人难忘的名字,也就是说,这个名字最好容易拼写,且能显示应用用途。请确保它是独特的——避免在应用名称部分使用通用术语,或和现有的应用名称类似的词语。

The length of your app name is limited to no longer than 50 characters. Notice how your app name will appear on the App Store for each device, including each version of iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. We recommend keeping your app name to around 23 characters or less for optimal presentation on every device. Long names may be truncated, which means users will not see all the characters.

应用名称的长度应限制在50个字符以内。你的应用的名称可能会出现在为每种设备(包括每个版本的iPhone、iPad和Apple TV)而设立的应用商店中,所以,我们建议,让应用名称保持在23个字符左右或更少,让其在每个设备(的应用商店)上都有最优的表现。否则,过长的名字很可能被截断,这将意味着用户不会看到所有的字符。


1. 应用名称最好简洁,且能显示出应用的用途。

2. 应确保应用名称是独一无二的,且避免在标题部分添加竞品名称/和竞品名称类似的词语。

3. 应用名称的长度应限制在50个字符以内→如果想让应用名称在各种设备的应用商店中保持良好的视觉效果,最好将字符数控制在23个左右或更少。



Your app icon is one of the first elements of your app that users see, so it’s essential to make a strong first impression that communicates your app’s quality and purpose. Work with a graphic designer to create an icon that is simple and recognizable. Consider testing different options to determine which icon is the most recognizable and meaningful to your target audience.


To ensure the icon is legible in all required sizes, use widely recognizable symbols and avoid adding unnecessary visual details. For more on creating a beautiful and memorable icon, read the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

确保所有尺寸的图标都是清晰的,尽可能多的使用易于辨识的标识,并避免添加不必要的视觉上的细节效果。更多关于如何设计一款精美且易记的图标的信息,请阅读iOS Human Interface Guidelines.


1. 应用图标最好能显示出应用的用途,并给人强烈的第一印象。

2. 不要在视觉上添加不必要的效果,简单、辨认度高的图标效果会更好。

更多图标设置方式,请阅读《教你 3 招,为 ASO 锦上添花(番外篇)》

App Previews(应用预览视频)

An app preview demonstrates the features, functionality, and UI of your app in a short video that users can watch directly on the App Store. Previews are between 15 and 30 seconds long and use footage captured on the device to show the experience of using your app.

用户可以在App Store中通过短视频来直接观察应用的特性、功能和用户界面,而这个短视频便是应用预览视频。预览视频的时长需在15至30秒之间,且最好用镜头捕捉那些如何在相应设备上使用该应用程序的画面。

App previews are displayed as the first image on your app’s product page, followed by your app screenshots. Like your app icon, your preview poster frame is one of the first elements a user will see on your product page, so ensure the frame is visually compelling and conveys the essence of your app.


For more details, read Show More with App Previews.

欲知更多详情,读阅读Show More with App Previews。


1. 预览视频的时长需在15至30秒之间。

2. 用那些能表现如何在相应设备上使用该应用的画面,效果会更好。

3. 确保画面在视觉上吸引人,且传达应用的精华→和应用图标类似,预览视频的海报是用户在产品详情页上看到的第一个元素。

更多预览视频设置方式,请阅读《视听时代,App Previews助你迅速抢占App Store》


Use images captured from your app’s UI to visually communicate your app’s user experience.Your first two screenshots should encapsulate the essence of your app, as these images display in search results when no app preview is available. Focus each subsequent screenshot on a main benefit or feature so that you fully convey your app’s value.



1. 最好使用从应用的用户界面捕获的图像。

2. 重视前两张截图。

3. 其他截图也应该着重体现应用的主要用途或特性。

更多应用截图设计方法,请阅读《实例详解: 10大截图设计技巧,迅速提升下载转化率》


Provide your audience with an engaging description that highlights the features and functionality of your app. The ideal description is a concise, attention-grabbing paragraph followed by a short list of main features. Let potential users know what makes your app unique and why they will love it. Communicate in the tone of your brand, and use terminology your target audience will appreciate and understand.


The first few sentences of your description are the most important — this is what users can read without having to tap to read more. Every word counts, so focus your description on your app’s unique features. If you choose to mention an accolade, we recommend putting it at the end of the description.


Don’t add unnecessary keywords to your description in an attempt to affect search results. This provides a bad experience for users and can create a negative impression of your app’s quality.


Also avoid including specific prices in your app description. Pricing is already shown on the product page, and references within the description won’t be accurate in all countries and territories.



1. 将最重要的内容放到最前面→用户查看应用详情时,(在不点击“更多”的情况下)所看到的描述部分的内容是有限的(大约3~5行)。

2. 可以在描述的上半部分写一段简洁、吸引人的文字,然后在下面列出应用的主要特征。

3. 最好阐述应用的独特之处。

4. 使用符合品牌基调的语气以及术语。

5. 不要在描述部分添加不必要的关键词,去试图影响搜索结果,因为这样不利于用户体验。

6. 避免在应用描述部分添加价格信息→价格信息已经显示在产品页面中了&在描述中提及的话,该价格可能不适用于所有的国家和地区。


What’s New(最新动态)

When you update your app, your What’s New description is an opportunity to communicate directly with active users. If you added a feature or fixed a bug based on feedback or reviews, let your users know you’ve listened to them. List new features, content, or functionality in order of importance, and add call-to-action messaging that gets users excited about the update.



1. “最新动态”部分也能达到和活跃用户直接沟通的效果。

2. 最好按照重要程度来排列更新的内容或功能,

3. 如果添加的特性或修复的bug参考了用户的反馈或评论,你可以在这里告诉用户。

4. 可以号召用户去体验更新内容或功能。


Keywords impact where your app displays in search results. Carefully choose your keywords to ensure your app is easily discoverable. Think about the specific words your audience might use to search for an app like yours, and use those words when entering your keyword metadata. Broad or less relevant terms can make it hard for users to find your app.


Keywords are limited to 100 characters total, with words separated by commas. Maximize the number of words that fit in this character limit by avoiding the following:


A.plurals of words that you’ve already included in singular form


B.the names of categories or the word “app”


C.duplicate words



1. 在选取关键词时,可多去考虑用户的搜索习惯——在搜索该应用时经常使用的特定词语。

2. 关键词总数应限制在100个字符以内。

3. 词语之间用逗号分隔开来更有利于苹果分词组词。

4. 不用加类别的名称或“应用”等词语。

5. 重复某个词语也不会增加任何权重。


iTunes Connect lets you assign your app to two categories where users can browse to find it. The primary category you select is particularly important for your app’s discoverability on the App Store — this will be the category in which the app appears for search results. Be sure to select the category that best describes the main function of your app.

iTunes Connect允许开发者将应用分配到两个类之中,用户可以通过浏览相应的类别找到应用。对于应用在App Store的可发现性来说,主要类别的选择尤为重要——它将是应用搜索结果中展示的类别。一定要确保所选择的类别能更好地描述应用的主要功能。

For more details, read Choosing a Category.



1. iTunes Connect允许开发者为应用选择两个分类,主要类别尤为重要——它将是应用搜索结果中展示的类别,对应用的可发现性作用很大。

2. 确保所选的类别和应用的主要功能相匹配。

注: 9月2日凌晨,苹果曾通过一封邮件向开发者们公开宣布两件事情:一清除不符合规定的废弃应用;二从9月7日(美国时间)起,将应用名称的长度限制在50个字符以内(已实施)。

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