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[其他] Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?

相机照不出的美 发表于 2016-10-5 15:01:38
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        LawJolla  2016-09-30 13:19:43 UTC  #1
   It appears Horizon development slowed to a trickle.
   Are there any updates?
          LawJolla  2016-09-30 18:28:21 UTC  #2
   I've gotten a few private messages suggesting that there are major issues at Rethink.
   I hate rumors. And I hate trafficking in them even more. But when my mortgage is on the line, I don't really care.
   We need a statement from Rethink on the viability of Horizon and Rethink in general. Please!
          zwhitchcox  2016-10-01 00:09:59 UTC  #3
    Really, where did you hear that...oh snap, did I just waste a bunch of time learning horizon

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?-1-技术控-understand,learning,mortgage,running,general

   I really don't see how an app like this could fail though, unless they just are running out of money...
          LawJolla  2016-10-01 20:51:25 UTC  #4
   They've cancelled SF Meetup(s). I understand that Mike cancelled his Utah conference speech.
   The silence is deafening. I love Rethink, Horizon, and the rethink crew. All top notch.
   But most of us base our living on their technologies (on their urging). They owe their users an explanation. Now.
          anton  2016-10-02 13:43:02 UTC  #5
   Please RethinkDB, a response is needed here.
          LawJolla  2016-10-02 15:21:33 UTC  #6
   No replies...
          coffeemug  2016-10-02 18:02:04 UTC  #7
   Slava @ Rethink here. Unfortunately I cannot comment yet (I really wish I could), but your intuition is right. We're working hard to be able to give a full account ASAP (matter of days). Please stay tuned.
          grenhall  2016-10-02 18:08:32 UTC  #8
   Man this really sucks. I had just discovered this and was starting to prototype an application. Really it's a shame how things come and go in this business. I'm sure that people are willing to help out and get things in order. So if you at RethinkDB/Horizon let go of this let me know and I'll try to work something out.
          LawJolla  2016-10-02 18:35:28 UTC  #9
   I love RethinkDB and Horizon. RethinkDB is genius. I'm really pulling for it and you guys.
   Thank you for the update. It helps me a lot.
          AniSkywalker  2016-10-02 20:33:36 UTC  #10
   You have to stay silent? This sounds like there's legal action in progress...
   Either something big is happening or RethinkDB is engaged in litigation. I hope something awesome's happening but silence makes me fear for the alternative.
   EDIT: I have no idea what's happening. I'm not trying to start rumors, don't take this as fact!
          coffeemug  2016-10-02 20:49:12 UTC  #11
   There is no legal action/litigation.
          deepsand  2016-10-02 22:28:39 UTC  #12
   Thanks for the updates. I came across Horizon yesterday and it appears to be a great solution. Good luck and I hope it all works out.
          kvz  2016-10-03 11:18:31 UTC  #13
    I think after Apple buying FoundationDB, there's probably enough big companies/investors out there wanting to follow suit and add a modern DB to their portfolio also. Could that be it? If so, hopefully they won't kill Rethink like Foundation was killed. It basically dropped off the face of the earth after the acquisition

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?-2-技术控-understand,learning,mortgage,running,general

    EDIT: I guess one crucial difference is that the core of FoundationDB was proprietary whereas Rethink is licensed under GPL, so there could at least be the option of forking should there be an acquisition that doesn't necessarily benefit the community. This makes me feel a bit better, but I'm also getting ahead of myself. Here's to hoping the team gets to continue to work on both RethinkDB & Horizon as open source projects. I have tested many alternatives and I think it's just delightful what they have built

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?-3-技术控-understand,learning,mortgage,running,general

          mardo  2016-10-03 16:56:58 UTC  #14
    Thanks for giving us something, Slava. I'm really rooting for Horizon and RethinkDB; you guys have a wonderful piece of technology there. Hope everything gets sorted out!

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?-4-技术控-understand,learning,mortgage,running,general

          adamierymenko  2016-10-03 20:44:09 UTC  #15
   We've just ported something to use RethinkDB and we love it. Just saw this and wanted to say please don't abandon this beautiful piece of software. It's as far as I can see the only database with its feature set that gets replication right and minimal complexity.
    If it's a financial issue, please be advised that we would pay for RethinkDB as long as the pricing is reasonable and competitive with e.g. managed cloud DB solutions. We would rather pay for a DB that gives us reliable replication and easy programmability with minimal developer overhead vs. dealing with clunky half-baked alternatives.
          justin  2016-10-03 21:40:22 UTC  #16
   I share the same sentiment. Love RethinkDB, decided to build my next startup on it. Would be willing to pay to keep the lights on.
          teslan  2016-10-04 05:50:37 UTC  #17
   Seeing how some known types are investors, I would be extremely surprised to find out that not having to pay for lights is at the center of the problem. RethinkDB being not that old and Horizon even younger than that, the whole thing would be quite reminiscent of the dot-com-meltdown, when so much money was invested in so many with so little in terms of business plans.
          eloquence  2016-10-04 07:52:29 UTC  #18
   I use RethinkDB in an open source project and am pretty happy with it so far, some rough edges notwithstanding. I'm rooting for an acquisition by a smart buyer. If that's not it, I think RethinkDB has enough usage that a nonprofit could be set up to support ongoing development and maintenance, if necessary.
          jondubois  2016-10-04 21:31:52 UTC  #19
   RethinkDB is my favourite DB by far (and I've used many). I hope that the community will be able to keep it going regardless of what happens on the business side.
          andreftavares  2016-10-04 21:39:22 UTC  #20
    I grew fond of RethinkDB from the first time I tried it out and, in the past year, have had the chance to use it on an app for a client. I liked it so much, I chose it as the database engine for an e-commerce API that I just open-sourced !
    I bet the news we're going to hear are all good and awesome

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?

Are RethinkDB and Horizon abandoned?-5-技术控-understand,learning,mortgage,running,general
It's incredible what they achieved in so little time... and from all the care you see in the product and how it was beautifully put up and how great it feels using it, from the great looks you see on the sites and documentation to the awesome team behind it and their relation with the community... I bet both RethinkDB and Horizon are here to stay!
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