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[其他] One Foolproof money making blogging activity!

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It has been confirmed that making money online as a blogger is possible. A lot of people do it. I do it also so I want to write from my experience. Recently, I wrote this article on how to create a blog that will generate increasing income.
  Last week, I published another article on “5 monetization options for blog owners”. Now, the problem I have noticed is that most people gamble with the idea of making money blogging. They want to be able to do everything but that ends up taking them no where.
  One foolproof money making blogging activity!

One Foolproof money making blogging activity!-1 (everything,experience,different,published,Recently)
I strongly believe in creating Multiple Streams of Income (MSI) but there is some ambiguity when it comes to having different revenue sources.
  Lots of people think it’s about doing everything at once. That’s exactly where the problem is. MSI doesn’t mean trying to catch up things here are there. It has to do with building and stabilizing one income source before stepping to another. It comes over time as you steadily build  dependable income sources.
  Now, your blog is just a tool. You can misuse it and sway into the false belief that money can’t come out of it. Yes. Many have tried and failed. A few on the other hand are succeeding, paying their bills, going on luxurious vacations, buying attractive items, etc… and they are bloggers.
   There are many ways to make real money as a blogger. I wrote about 15 ways bloggers make money so you can check that out. But don’t think you are going to start with everything on the list. It doesn’t work that way :wink:
   Blogging in itself won’t generate any income until you identify and carry out those money making activities. How many of these activities you will need on your blog is a matter of strategy and time.
  But here is something I think you can focus on and see results in the months or years ahead. If you study the income reports of most bloggers, you’ll find out a huge part of their income comes from this same income generating activity.
  Affiliate Marketing for bloggers

   You might have read a lot of stuffs aboutaffiliate marketing but I want to underline here that it works. And it really works.
   Many of my blog readers have read my book on Affiliate Marketing for bloggers . Needless to mention here that they are excited about their investment. If you are one of them, I want you to read these few more lines.
  Affiliate marketing is not just about publishing affiliate banners on your blog or linking to products on your affiliate links. Some of these things worked some years back but you have to know that a lot has changed since then.
   The most lucrative affiliate marketing strategy for bloggers is product reviews . You may never have a single banner on your blog but writing reviews is strong enough to capacitate your blog and make it a real income earner.
  Here are a few points to note while doing an affiliate product review:

  • Make sure the product you are reviewing is targeted to your audience.   
  • Have an experience with the product before promoting it through a review.   
  • Share your experiences and results in the review.   
  • Teach your readers how to achieve the same results as you.   
  • Each time there is major update, do another blog post about it.  
  Some more tips for more results

  There are lots of things you can do on your blog with affiliate product reviews. These few points I want to share here have generated tremendous results for me (And they still work today);
  • Invite product author on your blog for an interview – This is an excellent idea to allow the product developer help you sell his product to your audience.   
  • Go for recurring income – The most lucrative affiliate products to promote are those that pay you month after month. Generally, these are subscription platforms where members are billed regularly. And each time they get billed, you get paid your commissions.   
  • Negotiate special deals for your readers – If you’ve never done this before, jump on it right now. Most affiliate marketing platforms today allow product owners generate unique discount codes for their affiliates. What this means is that you can ask the product owner to generate a unique coupon code for your readers. That will give them a certain amount off should they use your code to make the purchase. It’s a crazy way to help your readers save while putting some commissions into your wallet.  
  Be among the first to do a review

  If you can watch out for new product lunch and be among the first to write about it, chances are quite high to make sales. For the most part, you are going to quickly grab a place on Google first page for a nice keyword.
   This is something I have do with a reasonable degree of success. My friend Donna Merrill took note of this and mentioned me in here blog post here .
  Once you be at the forefront promoting any new product, you get your tracking cookies in the browsers of many visitors. Given that many people often read different reviews and click different affiliate links before making a buying decision, you will always end up being the one to get the commission. The simple reason is that your link was clicked first.
  When I moved my blog to Traffic Planet Hosting, I did a review post about it. That of course has generated some sales that will pay the next hosting bills.
  But here is the catch…

   Traffic Planet Hosting has changed its name. Once the announcement of the name change dropped, I had to do a quick review post of the new name. As a matter of fact, I did and publish this WPX Hosting Review post that’s nicely placed on Google page one.
  The idea is to be among the first to talk about it. Get your links clicked first  and make the commissions.

  • I’m recommending affiliate marketing as the one fail proof way for bloggers to make money.   
  • And I’m encouraging you to do affiliate product reviews for steady earnings from your blog.  
   You can mix this up with creating digital products and scale up your earnings. Ryan Biddulph of Bloggingfromparadise has a huge experience in this and he can help.
   Finally, my friend Joy Healey has published an excellent post on how to have better Affiliate Marketing skills . It’s a good read.
  Drop a comment and let me know what you think. Please share this post on social media if you like it.

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