Stökkpallurinn II

Vodafone has partnered again with Startup Iceland this year to runStökkpallurinn, the business scaling competition. Deadline is May 10th, 2017, You can


I have written about the challenges of scaling a business
before, getting a leg up in partnership with a corporation like Vodafone really helps Founders. Vodafone has once again come in as a Platinum Sponsor of Startup Iceland to engage and work in building a vibrant startup community in Iceland.

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur, I highly encourage that you apply to the competition. It really helps you grow your business, don’t believe me, listen to the post by the last year’s Stökkpallurinn winner, Crankwheel. Read about how they went from 2000 to 10000 weekly installs in 4 weeks

TIP: Corporate acclaim is good for growing a startup

Attention from big companies is simply newsworthy. We openly broadcast our participation in various events, early-adopter customer referrals
and prizes won at startup competitions. It helped us grow and sustain new website traffic. One memorable traffic spike came from coverage of a local, Icelandic event hosted by Vodafone
. We were holding a big prize check in the thumbnail, sprinkled some “boost” dust on Facebook
and started accepting new customers.

If you are a first time founder or even if you have done this many times over, it can only help to get your startup validated, of course the prize money does not hurt.

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