oracle in docker

Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition Database Docker Image

A Docker image for Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release
based on an Oracle Linux 7.1 image.

Build Image

Due to legal restrictions this image is not available on the Docker Hub. However, with some time and patience you may build it yourself.


Download the following zip files from Oracle Tech Net
and put them in the ‘oracle-11g/installation_files/’ folder:


Finally, from the ‘oracle-11g’ folder simply run:

$ docker build -t ufoscout/oracle-11g .

The build process could take long tiem to run; so, it is now the moment to have break and drink some good coffee…


Due to Docker limitations this image must be run with the “privileged” flag. This is due to the amount of available memory on /dev/shm
which is limited to 64MB (see #2606
). This is not sufficient to meet Oracle’s MEMORY_TARGET
minimum requirements.

Please note that this limitation has been removed in Docker 1.10.

Create a new container running an Oracle 12c database:

$ docker run --privileged -d ufoscout/oracle-11g


You can connect as SYSDBA with the following statement:

$ docker exec -ti containerName sudo -u oracle -i bash -c "sqlplus / AS SYSDBA"

This is particularly useful, if you don’t want to expose any ports and solely rely on linking containers with each other directly.

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