Free Paper Cowboy Hats

You may recall my in-real-life trolling stickers and signs — the voice activated paper towel dispenser, the fake power outlet, and the baby changing station — from a previous blog post:

I have some new stickers now that are less of a troll and more of a chuckle. Like the previous stickers, I cannot take credit for the idea, only the execution. But whereas those stickers I can point to a attributable source, I cannot do so for this new sticker.

So. Disposable toilet seat covers. They’re ubiquitous. They’re in [almost] every public restroom. Some people always use them. Others never do. I’ve heard them called a couple of things over the years, such as ass gaskets , but one unique piece of phrasing has stuck with me for decades: paper cowboy hats . I’ve never actually seen anyone wear one on their head, but it conjures up such a delightfully hilarious mental image, doesn’t it?

I’d already dipped my toe into humorous bathroom


stickers with the voice activated paper towels. The cowboy hat thing had been on my mind, so I figured it would be easy enough to go for a second attempt at sticky bathroom humor. One piece of free clip art and one free western font later, I have a winning design:

Like last time, if you’d like to use the design for your own evil purposes, you can download the vector artwork file .

Or if you’re lazy, I’ve discovered that I can set up a storefront on Sticker Mule. You can buy any of the three designs . They’re a little spendy if you order just one or two. Packs of 50 or 100 give you quantity discounts that approach the prices I paid for them. (Which is still a little spendy, but yes, I’m a dedicated prankster and they’re good quality vinyl stickers.)

Buy a voice-activated paper towel dispenser sticker.

Buy a prank power outlet sticker.

Buy a paper cowboy hat sticker.

Go forth and sticker!

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