Getting Started with Scene Fusion

Scene Fusion is a tool that we developed to help teams build worlds faster and more collaboratively. The system allows multiple users to edit a Unity scene simultaneously and see their edits in real-time.

Scene Fusion involves a quick two minute setup to get started. We have put together a video to help guide you through this process.

How to get started with Scene Fusion:

Step 1: Go to
to sign up for the beta.

Step 2: Invite collaborators to your project within the Scene Fusion Console. Note that new collaborators will need to accept an email invite to be added to your project.

Step 3: Go to the Scene Fusion console overview page to download Scene Fusion. Note that collaborators will also need to download this package.

Step 4: Install the Scene Fusion package by navigating to the downloaded file and double clicking it while your Unity project is open.

Step 5: Select Scene Fusion from the KS Reactor menu item within Unity.

Step 6: Login with the beta credentials you signed up with.

Step 7: Start a Scene Fusion session within Unity

Step 8: Once your collaborators have also installed Scene Fusion, they will also need to log in

Step 9: Your collaborators will now need to join the session you have hosted

Step 10: Build a scene collaboratively

Step 11: Once you are done editing the scene, the host can end the Scene Fusion session and save the scene as they normally would.

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