Introducing Advanced Subtasks


Spring is here, and with it, something many of you asked for: Fully-featured subtasks in Flow!

Task management has always been at the heart of Flow, and our users certainly know how to get stuff done: You folks have completed over 10 million tasks
using Flow.

Clearly defined tasks are central to great collaborative work and good project management. So, along with giving you better tools to plan projects
, we wanted to make tasks in Flow even better.

So, we’ve given subtasks superpowers: Transforming them from simple to do lists to fully-featured tasks with their own assignees, due dates, and comments.

Advanced subtasks make top-down planning and high-level project outlining in Flow easier than ever.

Here’s what’s new:

 Assign Subtask

Subtask Due Dates

on Subtasks

↕️ Drag a task onto another task
to make it a subtask (list view, task pane, and column view).

Subtask notifications
, including redesigned email notifications.

 Subtask subscriptions
mirror parent task subscriptions, but this can be overridden.

 Subtask tags
mirror parent task tags, but can be overridden.

We also added a few neat tricks:

  • When you’re punching out tasks in the task list, use shift-return rather than the usual return to create the task, and you’ll enter inline subtask creation mode. Get wild.
  • If you’d like to add a subtask to a task in the list or column view, hover over the task and click the little ‘Add Subtask’ icon.


All these task goodies are available today to all Flow users, for free. Check out the video above to see subtasks in action, or log into Flow and get cracking.

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