7 SEO Factors That Will Be Important In 2017

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We know the importance of SEO while building a blog or website. There are several SEO factor s that Google considers before ranking your website. There were many factors that were important in the past and no longer given importance. Before we go ahead, let’s examine what is SEO anyway?

What is SEO?

SEO has always been in existence since the search engines existed.

There are two methods of doing SEO – white hat and black hat. White hat is about doing the SEO as per the Google’s specifications and black hat is getting higher rankings by malpractices.

Black hat is never recommended but when it comes to white hat, people use to over do something which alerted Google and things change.

There are things which used to be effective once but not anymore and they are like

Article Submission

Classifieds Submission

Directory Submissions

Forum postings

Profile creation

Chasing .edu and .gov links etc

All the above methods are no more effective, in fact, if done now, you might face penalty from Google. Being said that, there are some SEO methods which are important and will always remain important for getting high ranks.

  1. Keyword Search

All the search is based on keyword – by typing or by voice. Some experts say that voice is taking over and so you should optimize your site for voice search as well but as per my opinion, it is afterall keywords, be it voice or texts that get you the results.

You always should do keyword research before writing any article. But also, keep in mind, that you can’t always do research before writing every single article and hence it is okay to write an article where you didn’t do keyword research.

The best tool that I use for keyword is Keyword Planner by Google itself.

Keyword Search will stay as the part of SEO in 2017 and in long term future.

2. Content

Google is updating it’s algorithm just to penalize sites that are overdoing SEO but not working on quality of the articles. For example, if you are over-commenting, over-backlinking, over-optimizing, too much keyword stuffing, all these will get you to penalty and even removal from search engine results.

Content is King

This has been said enough number of times now and is true. If written more in-depth high-quality content, you can get ahead of big players as well.

Writing quality content is also being suggested by experts like Zac Johnson .

How do you write quality content? There are several methods you can use but one I would say is that it should be unique, second, it should have detailed information, third, it should be readable with sub-headings and fourth, it should have proper images and videos plus the references and other data-driven information.

All these things make your article great!

3. Mobile friendly

As per research by Morgan Stanley and published by ComScore, mobile users are increasing everyday surpassing desktop or PC users when it comes to internet usage.

This trend is continued with the use of more of mobiles and more people are getting online, specially when Android is coming up and penetrating into the masses so quickly.

Your site must be mobile-friendly. If possible, try to make your website with AMP since that is going to help you in long run.

Want to check if your website is mobile friendly or not for free? Visit Google’s tool .

To make it more user-friendly, another thing you can do is to have responsive theme. Responsive WordPress themes are those that changes the way website will open as per the resolution and screen size of the device being used to access your blog or website.

4. Natural Backlinks

We know the importance of backlinks in SEO. Backlinks are the way Google knows which website is more important than others. In original article and thesis published by Page and Brin, they mentioned all about backlinks and how to measure PageRank from there.

Now, when backlink is heard, people think of directory submissions, commenting using commentLuv, guest posting etc. All these things are fine but when it comes to terms of Google, any backlink created intentionally to spam Google will be considered as spam overall.

And that is why I have used the term natural backlinks. Natural backlinks are those that you acquire without putting your efforts into it.

Natural backlinks come in when you write an epic content and people link to that themselves. That is from where you start to get natural backlinks and that weighs much more than anything else.

5. Page speed Foe SEO

There are studies that tell that most people will leave your website if it doesn’t load in within 2 seconds. So you have two seconds – stay or leave.

How to check page speed? I would follow just one link – Google’s insight tool .

There are several factors that affect page speed but what as a WordPress site owner you can do is you can simply remove those plugins that you are not using.

If you are using any shared hosting plan, you may wanna recheck about the hosting plan that you are on and consider of changing if you are able to spend better.

There are many other things that you can do to reduce page load time like correcting the CSS code etc which might be a bit technical.

6. On-page SEO

On-Page SEO is very critical for getting better ranked and can’t be overlooked. This includes optimizing your title, meta, sub-headings, inclusion of images and optimizing them etc.

Here is a checklist of on-page SEO which we can consider as a checklist and can work on On-page SEO.

For WordPress owners, the easiest way is to use Yoast plugin which can help you with all the on-page SEO.

Besides all these, you should also make sure to set right permalink for your site and do not change once you have made it.

7. Internal linking

I can’t emphasize on how important internal link building is. It is a very crucial part of SEO today and will remain so for years to come.

What is internal linking? This is: Are off-page SEO and link building the same?

Internal linking tells Google that your other pages approve of a page that is newly created and so on. As per experts’ studies, this is one of the important part of SEO.


Google will keep on changing its algorithm and you should also keep adapting but one thing you need to be very focused on is that you should create an amazing content that people want to link to and when you find such content, never forget to link to that. Linking to others’ work does give you positive credits and is very important for SEO.

Please do share your views on this subject. What are the changes in SEO happens in 2017?

We invite your valuable views in this regard. Share your views in the comment box given below.

This is a Guest Post contribution by Pankaj Dhawan, a young SEO Expert, a full-time blogger from Rajasthan. More information about him is given in the Author Bio Column. Thanks Pankaj for your wonderful contribution to the pages of #Philipscom. I appreciate the effort you put in. Keep sharing. All Good Wishes From Philipscom Team.

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