Introducing Brandfolder Insights: Prove Your Brand’s Value

We’re thrilled to announce Brandfolder Insights, the latest feature from the world’s simplest DAM. In today’s digital world, most of usrely heavily on data to make decisions (and if you don’t, I’m about to tell you why you should…right away). Let’s face it, you can’t deny the power of data. Data helps us optimize our efforts and create a more strategic path for our future. And as marketers, compiling data is just another day at the office.

You measure the number of leads, conversions, impressions, etc — all critical for campaign execution and overall strategy. Why do you spend so much time “in the data?” Because, you know that with the right data, defining success becomes transparent and easily measurable. The right data can also help you make smarter decisions with your brand.

That’s right, we’ve created a solution for you that makes your data dreams come true, with Brandfolder Insights. Insights gives you the data you need to better understand the performance of your assets and users. See which assets are performing well, how they’re being used, and who’s using them. All of this valuable data is packaged together and will enable your organization to make smarter, data driven decisions. It’s better analytics for your brand, and it’s available now. Discover more ways Insights will boost the performance of your brand below:

  • Monitor Brand Usage — It’s important to monitor your brand closely. With Insights, you’ll get, well, insight into how your users are using your assets. See what’s happening sooner, and have a better pulse on when you need to step in and provide guidance for your users.
  • Prove Your Brand’s Value — Now it’s easier than ever to prove the importance of a strong brand. With Insights, you can provide clear ROI on your marketing efforts. Use the data to benchmark the performance of each of your assets, and optimize asset usage accordingly. We promise, it’s a surefire way to build job security.
  • Supercharge Your Marketing Processes — You’ll find Insights’ data especially helpful when running targeted marketing campaigns with your Marketing Automation tool or CRM. With Insights, you can quickly export and import your data into your CRM or email marketing tool, allowing you to market to the people interacting with specific assets inside your Brandfolder. The more targeted you can be, the higher the conversions, and the more money in your pocket.

Like what you see so far? If so, you may be asking how you can get your hands on Insights? Well, if you have a Brandfolder Enterprise plan, you’re in luck because it’s included with your subscription.You heard right, check it out here . If you aren’t on an Enterprise plan, or aren’t sure if you are, and want to learn more about Insights, get in touch with us here . We’ll set up a personalized demo so you can see Insights in action.

Interested in getting started? Click here to learn more about turning Insights on for your Brandfolder account.

That’s not all! This first iteration of Insights is only the beginning. As we receive your feedback, we’ll continue to add valuable features to enhance your Brandfolder Insights experience. Be sure to keep an eye out!

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