Game Hacking (3/3): Putting everything together

The last two posts discussed how to develop an Age of Mythology map hack. This was done by finding and reverse engineering the parts of the game responsible for toggling the map state (black overlay, fog of war, full reveal) and invoking those functions through a DLL that is injected into the game process. This short post will complete the series by providing the source code for an injector that will inject the newly developed hack DLL into the Age of Mythology process. The hack will work in multiplayer, and in the original game as well as the extended edition.

The code can be found here
and is generally pretty self-explanatory. The map hack DLL exports a KeyboardProc
callback, which handles the logic of toggling the map state depending on what keys the user enters (7, 8, 9, 0 keys). The injector installs a keyboard hook on the game process, which effectively injects the hack DLL into the game process and makes the KeyboardProc callback active. At this point, all keystrokes going to the game will be intercepted and checked against the four special toggle keys. If a toggle key is hit, then the corresponding function to set the map state will be invoked.

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