Easiest Windows Backup Solution: AOMEI Backupper

If you are looking for a good backup solution for Windows, confused, and have no idea what to choose among multiple backup software
, then you may take some advice from this article. I’m about to introduce the easiest Windows backup solution – AOMEI Backupper Standard, and most importantly, this practical solution is totally free.

To free from computer break-downs, blue screens, virus intruding, an healthy backup image plays a key role in restoring computer from chaos to well-organized. Like Neal functions in Matrix, saving the whole digital world back to peaceful realm.

Believe it or not, AOMEI Backupper is the most powerful and convenient freeware for Windows backup that I’ve ever used. Simple interface, but with well-classified design, makes you easily use it. There is no need to learn some tedious tutorials before creating a
computer backup
image. Follow heart and intuition, anyone can finish a backup task, even for computer green hands.

Backup Choices

In its [Backup], lists System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup, File Backup and File Sync. Follow one to go head. Then you need to choose backup source and backup destination. Pressing [Start Backup>>], it will go without any trouble.

But here I like to deep into its [Backup Options], which is very help for those need special backup. It contains Compression, which is for compress backup image. Higher compression will cost more time to finish, but will give a smaller image and save device storage. Also note that high compression image costs more time to recovery. [Spiltting] is another group in [Backup Option], gives you the option split image to several ones in backup. In [Intelligent Sector], you can choose to back only used or whole sector. [VSS] lies the most advanced technology: VSS and AOMEI technology. If choosing AOMEI technology, it requires to install this tech and a restart after installation, after that you can expect different backup experience without restart and interruption.

Restore Selections

In [Restore], it will automatically list all backup images according to time. It gives the choice to filter them: show some, hide the others.

Clone Supports

Hit [Clone], it shows [Disk Clone], [System Clone] and [Partition Clone]. For the record, [System Clone] is the reserved feature, upgrade will reveal it. For disk and partition clone, the steps are pretty the same with backup ones, but different purposes.

In Utilities

Utilities is the gadget ware to collect useful tools. There, you can check image, create bootable media
, merge images, etc. I view the most important feature is [Create Bootable Media]. Since computer crashes, we need a bootable media to boot computer and backup image to restore PC, which Backupper provides the solution considerately. Anyone expects a backup image to work in a crash, shall create a bootable media beforehand, and it should be saved somewhere but not in system drive.

Chop, chop! Make a bootable CD andbackup computer now! Be free from any undesired computer issues.

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