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The Bitesize team has been working with the nginx-controller for quite some time. Over that time we have modified, updated, coerced it to our will and its high time we open source this thing.

First I want to call out the engineers that have contributed to this controller and make sure they get the recognition they deserve. Congrats to Martin Devlin and Simas Cepaitis with encores Jeremy Darling and Thilina Piyasundara.

It takes the normal nginx-controller and bakes in Vault (Hashipcorp) integration.

Basic steps are:

  1. push TLS cert into Vault
  2. Create Ingress with

    1. metadata:
        name: example
        namespace: some-namespace
          ssl: true
  3. Nginx will get the new Ingress, pull the TLS cert from Vault and reload the nginx config.

I’ve written about Vault at various times. The latest ishere.

In the future we intend add far more granularity to and even use this on a per project/namespace basis.

So here it is – Bitesize Controllers

And the Readme

We have plans to add more controllers in the future so stay tuned.

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