Adbrain and [email protected] Get Lucky for St. Patricks Day & March Madness

Last Thursday, March 16th, Adbrain and our friends at [email protected] celebrated the kick off to March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day with a happy hour at the New York [email protected] office.

About 80 people attended the event, where we enjoyed some festive Irish and game day fare while talking “bracketology” and cross-device methodology. [email protected] is focused on helping their clients leverage best in class programmatic and media buying techniques to allow the brands they work with to reach their consumers seamlessly across devices and channels.

Adbrain and the Neo team work together through our joint partnership with The Trade Desk, where Adbrain data allows the programmatic traders to win more impressions across their audience’s multiple devices, lowering CPA and allowing for more accurate measurement of conversions.

Team Adbrain is looking forward to teaming up with [email protected] for another great event soon!

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