Upcoming speaking events for the Typekit team

This spring, we’ll be joining a few different conferences and panels around the world to share our perspectives on typography, type design and development, and the business of fonts. Join if you can at any of these events.

UX Virtual Symposium

Online, March 23

The UIE UX Virtual Symposium is a three-hour online course subtitled “Designing the Details — Writing, Typesetting, and Layout.” Don’t miss the chance to get a lesson in typography from Tim Brown , who will be presenting the second seminar session (at 1pm ET) on typesetting and layout decisions that can make your typeface selections really shine.

Tim’s seminar will guide you from plain text all the way up to layout, with strategies for understanding texts, and demonstrations of how typesetting decisions can be used to make responsive layouts look great.

Design It; Build It

Edinburgh, March 30–31

Now in its seventh year, the British tech conference Design It; Build It is intended for people who are “shaping the future of the web.”

Bram Steinwill be presenting The Science of Typography on March 31, right before lunch, exploring “what happens when you apply algorithms and math to typography.” (What happens?! We have a good guess, but the way Bram walks through it is bound to be great — don’t miss it!)


Berlin, April 6–8

TYPO Labs is an offshoot from the TYPO talk series, and intended for the folks who want to get more into the gritty details of type design and typography. Dan Rhatigan and Matthew Rechs will both be speaking at TYPO Labs this year.

Dan’s talk on April 6 will be a progress report on the state of variable fonts — which, you might have noticed, the Adobe Type team isworking on actively.

Later in the day on April 6, Matthew will join a panel discussion on the business side of bringing variable font technology to the wider market, along with representatives from FontLab, Font Bureau, and Monotype.

If you’ll be at any of these events, or if you’d like to hear from Typekit at a future event, let us know! We’ll post updates on Twitter and are always happy tohear from you.

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