Venngage Student Scholarship Winners

Around this time last year we launched the inaugural Venngage Student Scholarship .

The purpose of the scholarship is to help three entrepreneurial students or recent graduates fund their amazing business ideas.

The requirements? Applicants were asked to create an infographic pitching their unique business idea.

After receiving over 100 applications, picking a winner wasn’t easy. There were tons of amazing business ideas and beautifully designed infographics to choose from. Some applicants even created their own infographic templates from scratch.

It was very exciting!

After several round of rigorous selection, we put together a shortlist of entries. Then a select group of judges voted for the infographic they believed should win based on the quality of the design and the overall persuasiveness of the pitch.

Finally, we were able to select three impressive business pitch infographics. We are very excited to present the winning infographic to you now.

The Venngage Student Scholarship Winners

Without further ado, the recipient of the $5000 scholarship is….

Amira Idris, a recent graduate of the University of Delaware with a degree in entrepreneurship and a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering.

Amira’s infographic pitches her unique company, Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel . We were impressed by her succinct and passionate pitch for a drug-free product to help treat amputees with phantom limb pain.

Keep up the incredible work, Amira! We’re looking forward to great things from you.

There were also two runner-ups who received scholarships of $1000.

The first runner up was Steven Say, a recent graduate of Chestnut Hill College with a bachelor’s in Business Management, and the second runner up was Mourad Salmi, a recent graduate of College of Design with a degree in Graphic Design.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an application for our scholarship! This was not an easy decision to make. And congratulations once again to the three scholarship recipients!

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