8 Tips for Making your First Mobile App

Before you start building your first mobile app, it’s important to do some research and gather expert advice to avoid making novice mistakes. In an effort to be as helpful as possible to our readers, we’ve done some of that work for you. This is the first of a series of releases in which we’ve turned our eBooks into free, short-form slide decks – no email required. This slide deck goes over 8 of the most crucial things to know before you build that first mobile app.

Check it out:

For your convenience, below is a transcript of the slide deck.

These tips are distilled from Kinvey’s eBooks, “ How to Make an App: Android Edition
” , “ How to Make an App: iOS Edition
” and “ How to Make an App: HTML5 Mobile Edition

  1. Decide what new “thing” you want to do

    1. Identify a function that improves people’s lives
  2. Make sure your idea doesn’t already exist

    1. It’s difficult to gain traction on a stale idea
  3. Keep it simple

    1. Your app’s feature set should be as small as possible
  4. Build a static prototype first

    1. Your app’s core functionality informs the architecture
  5. Invest in quality design

    1. Allocate time and budget to design — it permeates all levels of the app
  6. Consider each platform’s particular advantages

    1. Decide whether you want to deploy onAndroid, iOS orHTML5
  7. Integrate the latest OS and hardware releases

    1. If you want Apple or Android to feature your app, it’s best to use their newest features
  8. Set up your development environment

    1. Use the Android
      , Apple
      and HTML5 developer tools to get started

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