Launch day

I’m excited to announce that today we are opening FaunaDB Serverless Cloud to the public.

Even though we only starting talking about ourselves a few months ago, we have been blown away by the response, including a constant stream of inquiries from both the developer community and enterprises looking to escape legacy systems and defeat cloud lock-in. Early customers have launched their projects and now FaunaDB serves millions of end users every day.

Our team has grown significantly in the last year, with key hires in engineering and marketing roles. Most recently we were thrilled to bring Chris Anderson onto the team. Chris is the former cofounder of Couchbase, and his deep industry experience has both validated our vision and accelerated our progress.

To understand why a serverless database is so important, please read Chris’spost, and to hear from our early customers, please read our press release .


This launch is an industry milestone:

  • The first serverless database
  • The first active-active multi-cloud database
  • The first strongly-consistent multi-region database available to the public

We’re also looking forward to the coming year:

  • Releasing FaunaDB On-Premises to everyone
  • Continually adding capabilities, improving performance, and lowering customer costs
  • Growing our repeatable sales process

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone on our team, including my cofounder, Matt Freels, our staff, our investors, our advisors, and our family and friends for the dedication to get us to this point. And I would like to thank all our early customers for sharing our vision for modern data infrastructure.

We have never done more challenging or more important work. I’m incredibly humbled and proud to be part of it.

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