Machines and the Magic of Fast Learning (Strata Keynote Recording)

How can big data and machine learning be used for good?

In our keynote at Strata+Hadoop World, MemSQL CEO Eric Frenkiel shared how we are working with Thorn to provide a new approach to machine learning and real-time image recognition to combat child exploitation.

About Thorn

Thorn partners across the technology companies and government organizations to combat predatory behavior, rescue victims, and protect vulnerable children.

Thorn has to sift through a massive amount of images daily. Images are processed using facial recognition, then classified and de-duplicated, and ultimately matched against millions of open web images. If an image match can be found faster, victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation can be helped faster.

With MemSQL, Thorn is able to accelerate their image recognition workflow. New vectors representing a face can be inserted and queried in real-time. This allows analyst to find image matches faster and improve law enforcement response times.

For more detail on our work with Thorn, watch our recorded keynote and download the slides below. We also have a Q&A blog post from the engineers behind the application here:



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