Agile Open Canada, Vancouver, Canada, May 11-12 2017

Agile Open Canada is a two-day conference that creates opportunities for the Agile practitioners and enthusiasts of Canada to share successes, learning, questions and unresolved dilemmas. All this happens in an energizing and supportive environment.

Agile Open Canada follows the open space format for conferences. There are no key-note speakers, and no predefined agenda. Each participants makes a contribution to the art and science of helping people and teams be their best as they create valuable software. Share your stories, observations, and puzzles. Discuss coaching challenges you have overcome or those you are wrestling with today. Describe challenges you see emerging as we seek to improve the organization of knowledge work. Bring your questions. Test your ideas. Listen and learn from others.

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Location for the Agile Open Canada conference: Ambrosia Catering Centre, 638 Fisgard St, Victoria BC, Canada

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