This week’s database news, issue 147

Developers’ Most Loved, Dreaded, Wanted and Used Databases — Insights from 64,000 developers who took Stack Overflow’s latest survey show Redis, Postgres, and Mongo as the ‘most loved’ databases, Oracle the most dreaded, but MySQL and SQL Server the most used overall.

Stack Overflow

Tracking the Money: Scaling Financial Reporting at Airbnb — Airbnb’s complex payments system is now powered by Apache Spark, stored on a HDFS cluster, and written in Scala — moving away from MySQL. Here’s the story behind the move.

Alice Liang

Scalable, Available Redis Hosting — RedisGreen helps companies run some of the largest and most scalable Redis deployments in EC2.

Redisgreen sponsored

Building a New Database Management System in Academia — Andy Pavlo of Carnegie Mellon University explains why his group had to build a new database system (Peloton) rather than use an existing one.

Andy Pavlo

Improving Relevance and Elasticsearch Query Patterns — The tale behind improving result relevance on the WordPress plugin directory’s search feature.


Hadoop at Strata: Not Exactly ‘Failure,’ But It’s Complicated — An update on the recent ‘Has Hadoop failed to deliver the goods?’ narrative from discussions at Strata + Hadoop World.


Using Redis as a JSON Store — ReJSON is a new Redis module that introduces native capabilities for storing and manipulating JSON values.

Itamar Haber tools

Tgres: A Go and PostgreSQL-Powered Time Series Data Integrator — A Go program which receives time series data via Graphite, Statsd, or even a Web pixel, stores it in PostgreSQL, and provides Graphite-like access to the data.

Gregory Trubetskoy tools
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