This week’s database news, issue 148


AgensGraph: A Transactional Graph Database based on Postgres — An open source, multi-model database which supports both relational and graph-based data models, even supporting both SQL and openCypher within the same query.


Streaming Databases in Realtime with MySQL, Debezium, and Kafka — The story of how a payment platform uses Debezium and Kafka Connect to stream MySQL databases into Kafka for use elsewhere.

Chris Riccomini

Elasticsearch 5.3.0 Released — New features include cross-cluster searches, a new unified higlighter, field collapsing, and a keystore to store secure settings.


Linode is the SPEEDIEST SSD host for your DB – simple, reliable & powerful. — MySQL? MariaDB? PostgreSQL? Whatever DB you use, run it on a Linode, the most scalable, reliable and fastest servers in the cloud. Use promo code DB20 for a $20 credit and get started!

linode sponsored

Debezium: Stream Changes From Your Databases — An open source tool that captures row level changes in MySQL, MongoDB or Postgres databases so your apps can see and react to those changes.

Red Hat

Faster SQL Through Choosing Natural Keys Over Surrogate Keys — It’s surrogate keys versus natural keys. Which one should you be using? Is the answer really that obvious? It might not be.

Lukas Eder

Pachyderm: A Containerized Data Lake — An open source, distributed data processing framework built on containers.Version 1.4 has just been released.

Pachyderm, Inc .​
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