The fallacies we hold about ourselves

As a software engineer, I used to think that I wasn’t interested in working on infrastructure or platform work. I felt like it was something I should do more of, to build technical breadth and fill in gaps, but not something I truly wanted to do. I thought of myself as a practical product-minded engineer who was good with people, could ship features, and get things done.

People who were infrastructure “experts” seemed to enjoy long heated arguments about why their way was the best. Or they liked to spend a lot of time spouting complaints about one technology and how another one was far superior. Or they didn’t care that much about the product, and worked on things that never got recognition or had immediate product impact.

I wasn’t like them. I like to see the immediate impact of what I’ve done. And I am not dogmatic about design approaches as long as it seems simple and clean. And I don’t like to listen to or participate in long heated arguments. So maybe that whole infrastructure thing wasn’t for me.

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