Accessibility: Why It’s So Important – Slides from SXSW

This was my first SXSW event thanks to the good folks at Capital One. Moderated by C1’s, Mark Penicook , our panel, Larry Goldberg , Kevin Kalahiki , Sarah Goelitz and I discussed the theme, “ Accessibility: Why It’s So Important “. Audience participation was fantastic!

We stimulated focus about user experience for people with disabilities or, Accessible User Experience (AUX). We advocated for AUX and accessibility throughout the software / web development lifecycle; we promoted the “Think Accessibility” mindset; we emphasized the importance of supporting key accessibility initiatives, particularly the Teach Accessibility initiative . And we strongly reminded devs and designers to include people with disabilities in their design, development and testing environments.

My session slides are below:

View / download the presentation in PowerPoint format (630kb)

Here are some photos from the session.

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