Issue 127


Iteration is not design

You can’t design by iteration and incremental improvement. The idea of producing great products without the need of designers doesn’t work.

The 6 design trends John Maeda predicted in his State of the Union

A look at the biggest takeawys from the 2017 Design in Tech Report
. Other views: Writing Is Design’s “Unicorn Skill”
and If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code

Design Sprints Are Snake Oil

Erika Hall argues that you should start from a set of goals rather than a specific solution no matter what your problem is.

No Share Buttons on Mobile Sites (except this one weird case)

Don’t include social share buttons in small-screen websites, unless the user just tapped through from a social network.

Designing Facebook for Mobile VR

A look into the making of the Facebook 360 app with lessons and design considerations.

Uber Navigation

A look into some of the design decisions when navigating while driving for Uber.

Tools & Resources

Inclusive UX Education: Designing a Free Online Learning Curriculum

A list of completely free UX courses and learning resources from top companies and universities.

Transcripts by UserTesting

A new feature that automatically transcribes verbal comments from user tests.


How to get a Design Job at Airbnb

Tobias van Schneider talks with Katie Dill, Director of Experience Design, about getting a job at Airbnb.

Practical Design Discovery

An excerpt from Dan Brown’s newest book that shows us how to create assertions that keep design direction from unraveling.

UX Portfolio

Geunbae Lee

Geunbae is an incoming Product Design Intern at Facebook. He also wrote an article on how to structure your UX portfolio

UX Jobs

UX Designer at Aha! (Remote)

Aha! provides product strategy and roadmap software. They are looking for a user experience star looking to revolutionize the way people innovate and build software.

Last But Not Least

Unlock honest feedback with this one word

This one little word makes all the difference…

“A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson.”

— Jakob Nielsen

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