What Can You Learn From Tracking 17 Billion Email Opens?


Now, this is an infographic.

So many infographics under-deliver. They’re forced. They spawned because it ended up on a “Marketing Q1” to-do list.And they end up being useless, enormous, ugly image files that just kills everyone’s bandwidth.

An infographic is really a data visualization that presents useful data and makes it easy for viewers to do something actionable with it. That’s what the infographic below does.

The number one takeaway from this graphic is: your list is reading your email on their phones. Are your emails optimized for mobile? Are you thinking about how people behave on mobile when reading email? They’re probably just glancing through your message – not planning to spend too much time on it. Perhaps saving it for later.

Depending on what kind of message you’re crafting and what outcomes you want, think about how reading an email on the go might alter your expected outcome.

This wonderful infographic was created by Litmus.

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