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 * A tabbed application, consisting of multiple stacks of windows associated with tabs in a tab group.  
 * A starting point for tab-based application with multiple top-level windows. 
 * Requires Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8.0+.
 * In app.js, we generally take care of a few things:
 * - Bootstrap the application with any data we need
 * - Check for dependencies like device type, platform version or network connection
 * - Require and open our top-level UI component

//bootstrap and check dependencies
if (Ti.version < 1.8 ) {
    alert('Sorry - this application template requires Titanium Mobile SDK 1.8 or later');

// This is a single context application with mutliple windows in a stack
(function() {
    //determine platform and form factor and render approproate components
  //根据设备OS和屏幕特性,来决定相应的组件 var osname = Ti.Platform.osname, version = Ti.Platform.version, height = Ti.Platform.displayCaps.platformHeight, width = Ti.Platform.displayCaps.platformWidth; //considering tablet to have one dimension over 900px - this is imperfect, so you should feel free to decide //yourself what you consider a tablet form factor for android var isTablet = osname === 'ipad' || (osname === 'android' && (width > 899 || height > 899)); var Window; if (isTablet) {
    //平板设备(ipad),调用此路径组件 Window
= require('ui/tablet/ApplicationWindow'); } else { Window = require('ui/handheld/ApplicationWindow'); } var ApplicationTabGroup = require('ui/common/ApplicationTabGroup'); new Applicatio

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