Life In 360°: A Weekend To Die For…

Last week we brought you news of new activity from the BBC, which has been slowly increasing its use of virtual reality (VR) technology. Then it was details on how it’s experiemental branch BBC Taster announced the BBC Taster VR App
which was to focus on VR related content from BBC Three and also its Planet Earth II
documentary series.

Today though we’re looking at a 360 degree video for BBC Three that promotes yesterday’s debuting feature-length documentary One Deadly Weekend in America.
Bringing real footage together with interviews and observations from all those involved director Ursula MacFarlane guides viewers through seven shootings occuring during a July weekend – the time that sees the most gun-related deaths in America.

The taster below features a slow walk down a dark and street interspersed with video clips. Are you safe? Is anyone? A note of warning as it does include footage that some may find disturbing – but it is both the sad and harsh reality. Views in the UK with access to the BBC iPlayer service can find the documentary here


will return with another Life In 360° on Wednesday.

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