Indonesian agritech startup Brambang eases online transaction of shallots

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Selling quality shallots from the Central Java regency of Brebes, Brambang service is currently only available in Greater Jakarta Area

Brambang connects buyers and sellers by cutting through the conventional process

The Indonesian tech industry is seeing an increasing number of startups working in the agritech sector. Most of these startups are moved by the same calling to help farmers in the country by providing education, the latest technology, and even helping in the distribution process by cutting through complicated sales chain in the agriculture sector today.

One of those startups is Brambang, an online marketplace for shallots. The startup has soft-launched its service in May.

Founded by Dustin Haliman, Brambang has the mission to provide an e-commerce platform that is supported by efficient logistics service, in order to provide faster, easier, and cheaper alternative to the current way of purchasing and selling shallots. Brambang claimed that its service benefits both sellers and buyers; sellers are able to widen their market reach while buyers are able to purchase shallots easily in an affordable price.

“We would like to play a crucial role in increasing the efficiency of the sales of Indonesian agricultural products. We start with shallots, considering that shallot price is one of the components that Bank Indonesia is referring to when calculating inflation,” Haliman said.

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Shallots straight out of Brebes

When asked about the number of sellers and buyers available on the platform right now, Haliman declined to give any information. He also declined to reveal the startup’s monetisation strategy.

In order to monitor the quality of the produce, Brambang supplied the shallots directly from the Central Java regency of Brebes, which is widely known for its shallots.

“According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Brebes Regency produces approximately 400,000 tonnes of shallots annually, with industry players estimated to be around 200,000 people. Brambang is here to help them widen their market and to provide a more effective logistics service,” Haliman said.

Brambang service is currently available in Greater Jakarta Area. Users can access the Brambang site on desktop and mobile browser; they can start purchasing shallots in four steps. Starting with determining the weight of their purchase, then the platform will calculate the price before users can pay using bank transfer or cash deposit. The shallots will then be delivered on the next day. Brambang currently does not offer services on Sundays or holidays.

“Brambang guarantees the quality and the availability of the produce, as well transparent, updated, and competitive price. Apart from that, [we also offer] fast delivery and ease of online transaction as our key strengths,” Haliman closed.

The article Brambang Mudahkan Proses Pembelian dan Penjualan Bawang Merah Secara Online was written by Yenny Yusra and first appeared in DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.

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