Boost Response Rates With This Questionnaire Template

Rarely do we think about the design of a questionnaire template. We simply accept the default, rudimentary, boring designs we’re given as a necessary evil. But think about the double-whammy we’re hitting our customers and followers with. We are not only using up their valuable time for our own benefit, but we’re making them slog through ugly questionnaires to do it. The “boomerang effect” is that it’s bad for your brand and bad for your relationship with your community and customers.

I admit I have been guilty of this terrible injustice. So to right a wrong we created a new questionnaire template. This one focused on, not surprisingly, presentation design. So check out the new template below and please take a moment to complete the questionnaire. We’re going to magically turn the results into a cool presentation infographic that we’ll share here soon:

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A Customizable Questionnaire Template

The beauty of this questionnaire is how easy it is to customize the questions, the colors and the fonts. It should only take you a few minutes to switch this template to your company colors.

Big and Simple

When it comes to Questionnaires, we’ve found it’s best to keep text and design elements to a minimum. And that your font should be as large as possible. This makes it easy for you to gather responses when you post the questionnaire on Twitter and Facebook. They will appear smaller there, so best to make it really easy on your respondents.

We hope you enjoy this questionnaire template as much as we have. We’ve been tracking the responses in the Analytics and the response rate has been quite strong. Be sure to also check out another layout you can use with our

Survey Template


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